NICOLE LEE – the first brand launched by NICOLE GROUP was named NICOLE after the company name, and the original brand was called NICOLE HANDBAG launched in 2004. Once Suzy joined the company in 2006, LEE was added to NICOLE to honor her maiden name, selling her ancestral roots into her art and her craft. Thus, NICOLE LEE was re-born in 2006. Samuel and Suzy are the leading creative minds and duo of Nicole Group. Samuel runs the administrative and operative part of the company, while Suzy and her design team empower and devote their passion for fashion and vision to build the brand for customers everywhere.
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Int’l Distributors

To become an International distributor
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  Costa Rica
  Dominican Republic
  El Salvador
  Puerto Rico
  South Korea

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Nicole Lee® USA respects intellectual properties of others and we expect others to do the same.
Nicole Lee® USA monitors and prosecutes infringers to maximum extent of the Law.

All of our special embellishments, artworks and decorations are copyrighted in the United States and around the world Copyright Library. Any attempt to infringe our rights will not be tolerated.

Nicole Lee's trademark is registered internationally in all the countries below.


  Czech Republic
  Dominican Republic
  Hong Kong
  Korea (South)
  Saudi Arabia
  South Africa
  United Kingdom



Corporate Office
1133 S. Boyle Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90023
Tel 323.264.0005
Fax 323.264.0009
Toll free 1.877.nicole1 (Online Store)



Public Relations & Product Placement
Please contact us at
Toll free 1.877.nicole1 (ext.125)