Brand Story

Brand Story

NICOLE LEE – the first brand launched by NICOLE GROUP was named NICOLE after the company name, and the original brand was called NICOLE HANDBAG launched in 2004.

Once Suzy joined the company in 2006, LEE was added to NICOLE to honor her maiden name, selling her ancestral roots into her art and her craft. Thus, NICOLE LEE was re-born in 2006.

Samuel and Suzy are the leading creative minds and duo of Nicole Group. Samuel runs the administrative and operative part of the company, while Suzy and her design team empower and devote their passion for fashion and vision to build the brand for customers everywhere.

NICOLE LEE, and the work of Nicole Group, has never been about greed or ambition – we want to create something extraordinary in the fashion world. Samuel and Suzy constantly innovate, and push each other to strive for originality. In a world of reputable brands, only few can touch one’s heart. People often buy a reputation – but reputation will not last forever without its loyalty behind it. NICOLE LEE is about bags women buy out of love for the quality and style of the design.

Our eccentricities are strong suit, and we always pick designs that stand out rather than settling for “me too” types of bags. Suzy’s designs emanate from her desire to do it feels natural rather than make a conscious decision to follow something commercial.

Suzy’s multicultural background, her childhood in Seoul and Buenos Aires to her current home in Los Angeles all lend color and character to her designs.

Regardless of Nicole Lee’s status in this business world, Samuel and Suzy don’t lose their sense of humbleness. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to work. Suzy works 7 days a week and around the clock creating new collections. She sources raw materials herself, even on 100-degree summer days with 90% humidity. Suzy’s creative lens is so defined, that handing this task off to someone else would change Nicole Lee concept.

The vision behind NICOLE LEE is to create beautiful products that touch every woman’s deepest desire for beauty – as Samuel and Suzy push the idea of beauty each and every day.