Meet the designer

link to: Suzy's personal artwork

Suzy Han, an artist at heart, continues to launch her extraordinary collection of fine handbags with chic details – quickly emerging as the "Nicole Lee Style." Her vision with Nicole Lee lies in creating custom high-end bags for women of all ages looking for high quality style and one-of-a-kind designs.

Suzy is a Korean American who was raised in Argentina, and her diverse designs come from her admiration for all cultures. She travels 6 months out of a year to Europe and Asia, in search of artistic inspiration and to oversee quality and perfect deliverance of her ideas. In Argentina, thanks to having parents who owned the third largest fashion company in the country, she was always exposed to fashion since her childhood. She naturally began to draw sketches of clothing and handbags for fun.

However, her first profession began with painting. While studying and earning a degree in Fine Arts, she was voted as the top student of her class and won 1st place in the national art competition.

After moving to Los Angeles from Argentina, she turned her natural interest to the next level and began designing professionally for Nicole Lee. Though she does not limit her work to designing only, Suzy also excels in pattern-making, sewing and fabric composition. Her amazing vision has enabled Nicole Lee to continuously produce unique designs and fast-paced, fashion-forward handbags. Her ability to translate and apply trend concepts into handbags is phenomenal. Since Suzy has joined Nicole Lee, its sales and growth doubled every year until present day and is still growing at an astonishing pace. Suzy leads a team of Nicole Lee's top 10 handbag and graphic designers and creates 300-350 designs per season (600-700 designs annually). Of these designers, more than 70% are put into production and more than 80% of our production becomes a "hit." This amazing designer has fans and fanatics around the world and receives substantial number of complimentary e-mails including questions such as how she manages to create so many designs. Currently she is married with 3 children, and 24 hours in a day is never enough for her devotion to both family and work. While Suzy is in LA, she is a sweet and caring mother who devotes herself to giving as much love and attention to her children as possible.