Nicole Lee Design Director

Nicole Lee Design Director

Suzy Han

Design Director


Born in S. Korea and raised in Argentina, Suzy is one of the few designer out there with multicultural background and language who has ability to translate all sort of trends to handbag and accessories. Suzy has an extraordinary talent to project future trends and ability to translate trends into products. Suzy joined Nicole Lee in 2006 and ever since, she helped the brand reach new record level of growth. Suzy is a designer by nature. She is very proficient in sewing, knows how to pattern, excels in fabric composition, she is an artist and painter. She is very good with anything that has to do with creating and making it look beautiful. She made her own cloth when she was 15. Suzy says she feels the greatest joy when she is around anything that has to do with fashion. She loves to spend in book and magazines stores spending whole day going every page of fashion magazines. She always take a notepad with pencil with her everywhere she goes (even when sleeping) so that she may write down or draw instant inspiration that may strike her.

She defines the essential factor for design as "innovation". She believes "innovation" is the engine for growth for fashion brand.

All and any brand who don't change their color and concept, or those who don't upgrade themselves will stagnate and eventually die away, and she adds "Change is ALWAYS mandatory"

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Meet Nicole Lee Design Director – Suzy Han

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