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• Legal Action •

2015- China Custom confiscates thousands of Nicole Lee counterfeit goods at Chinese port while inspecting for export.
* Tens of thousands of Nicole Lee counterfeits are being smuggled out of China to all around the world.
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2015- Nicole, Inc. vs Ourz Fashion, Inc. (Case No. 2:15-cv-02955)
* Nicole Lee sues Ourz Fashion dba Celliniage for $150,000 for Copyright Infringement,
Vicarious and/or Contributory Copyright Infringement.

2015- Nicole, Inc. vs Novus, Inc., Grupo Novus, Inc., Companies A,B and C, and Insurance Companies X, Y, Z.
Civil Seizures in (Case No. CV-15-1296 (GAG))

* Nicole Lee sues Novus, Inc. and its subsidiaries for $1.2 Million (for all combined damage claim) on Copyright Infringement;
Trade Dress Infringement; Unfair Competition; Request for Temporary Restraining Order; Seizure Order; Preliminary and Permanent Injunction; and Damages. The court issues warrant to search the store and seize substantial units of infringing handbags and Novus agrees to surrender additional 904 units of infringing products.
* View Documentation

2015- Nicole, Inc. vs B.L.K. International, Inc. (Case No. 2:15-cv-01892)
* Nicole Lee sues BLK for $1 Million for Copyright Infringement; Vicarious and/or Contributory Copyright Infringement;
Trade Dress Infringement; California Unfair Competition.
* The court grants Preliminary Injunction against defendant.

2015- Nicole, Inc vs Skin Laundry Holdings, APC and Skin Laundry Holdings, Inc. (Case No. 2:15-cv-00501-DDP-AS)
* Nicole Lee files law suit against Skin Laundry for Trademark infringement, Unfair Business Practices and Unjust Enrichment.

2014- Nicole, Inc vs Cielo (Case No. CV14-7551 PSG PLAx) 
* Nicole Lee sues Brentano (Cielo USA Design Group, Inc) for $5 million in damage and seeks for Motion for Preliminary Injunction for Trademark Infringement, trade dress, unfair competition. 
* Court grants final judgement and permanent injunction against the defendant.
* Brentano surrenders 23,000 + units of handbags and recalls more than 20,000 units of products from the market.

2014- Jamaica Customs seize thousands of Nicole, Inc counterfeit goods with the collaboration from US Customs. 
* View Documentation

2014- US Custom seizes Nicole, Inc branded counterfeit products in Miami, FL 
* View Documentation

2014- US Custom seizes Nicole, Inc branded counterfeits in Jacksonville, Florida (Seizure # 6745-7(1)C) 
* View Documentation

2014- Colombian local officials confiscate hundreds of Nicole Lee counterfeit goods in Cali, Colombia. 
* View Documentation

2013- Nicole, Inc vs Divine Handbags dba Jan C Fashion
* Nicole Lee sends a Cease and Desist Letter to Divine Handbags for copyright infringement, trade dresss, and unfair competition.
* Divine Handbag responds to our letter and complies with our demand and surrenders 600 units of subject bags.

2012- Nicole, Inc vs Deyce USA
* Nicole Lee sends Cease and Desist Letter to Deyce USA for copyright infringement and trade dress.
* Deyce USA responds to the letter and agrees to comply.
* Nicole Lee and Deyce USA sign a confidential settlement agreement and surrenders 1,200 units of subject bags.

2011- Nicole, Inc vs. Meada Corporation (Previously Diophy International, Inc.) (Case No. CV11 0966 ABC)
* Nicole Lee sues Meada Corporation (Previously Diophy International, Inc) and its downstreams customers for copyright infringement; Unfair Competition, and Unfair Business Practices.
* Meada Corp. signs a confidential settlement agreement with undisclosed penalty amount.

2010- Nicole, Inc. vs Bearco USA, FashionKnockoffs.com, BWI USA, et. al.
* Nicole Lee sends C&D letter for violation of Copyright Infringement and Trade Dress.
* Bearco USA responds to the letter and agrees to comply and remove all subject products from the market.

2010- Nicole, Inc vs Amazing Imports, Inc.
* Nicole Lee sends Cease and Desist Letter to Amazing Imports for copyright infringement.
* Amazing Imports, Inc. responds to the letter and agrees to comply.
* Amazing Imports, Inc. pays penalty and signs a confidential settlement agreement.

2009 – Nicole, Inc vs Rodem, Inc (Galian)
* Nicole Lee sends Cease and Desist letter to Galian for trade dress infringement
* Galian responds to the letter and agrees to comply.
* Rodem, Inc pays penalty and sign confidential settlement agreement.

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